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Reminder bot for Telegram

@SkeddyBot is a Telegram bot, and it is a simple yet powerful reminder tool,

which can help you create and manage your reminders and notes.

Once set, reminders are sent to you by Skeddy at the specified time via Telegram.

Here is the list of bot key features:

  1. You can create simple reminders using natural language, just sending messages like: call John in 20 minutes, send presentation tomorrow at 10am, check the pie every 10 minutes, etc.
  2. Also bot has a Web-interface, using which you can create reminders with any schedule you want, like: pay for internet every 1st day of the month, water the plants every Sunday at 1pm, etc. Just click the Web button (or send /web command) to generate a link with temporary (valid only for 15 seconds) password in it. And use it to sign in to Web-interface.
  3. And of course you can look at your reminders list at any time, both in Telegram-client, and in bot Web-interface.
  4. When you receive a reminder, you can use predefined inline buttons to tell bot to remind you again at another time. Also you can enter this time manually, if you want.
  5. You can disable any reminder if you don't need it for the time. When you need it again, just enable it.
  6. You can create not only reminders, but also just notes without any schedule/time. For example you can have your shopping list saved as note in Skeddy.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Here is the link to the bot: @SkeddyBot

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